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The sign of lack of blood in our body

The main reason for lack of blood in the body is wrong eating. Apart from this, blood is also reduced due to deficiency of iron in the blood. The result of this is that our body gradually starts getting vulnerable to many diseases. Most people prefer to eat tasty food, which has a rich taste but has little to no nutritional value. Due to which, despite having good food, there is a lack of blood in our body.These signs are seen in the lack of blood in the body, be careful-

1.The person starts feeling tired due to lack of blood in the body, he does not feel like doing any work.

2. The person's skin starts yellowing.

3. The color of lips and nails changes.

4. Breathing starts on running even a little.

5. Pain starts in the chest.

6. Sleep does not come good, eyesight starts to weaken and there are many problems in the eyes.

7. Often, the body or hands and feet start numb due to pressure on the nerves even a little bit.

8. Sudden body weight starts falling.

9. With this, many types of stresses arise in the brain and the person starts getting worried.

10. Tension and headache more often than usual.

11. Heartbeat abnormal.

12. Feeling weak

13. Frequent dizziness.

14. Cold hands

15. There is also problem of hair loss due to lack of blood in the body.

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The above mentioned signs are symptoms of anemia in the body. If we recognize these symptoms and take appropriate measures on time, then it helps us to stay healthy and avoid many diseases.

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